OBM School Visibility Workshop

Lack of “putting yourself out there” preventing you from building the business of your dreams?
AND if you could just get over yourself and embrace the power of visibility you KNOW it could create magic for you by attracting  aligned clients…
Gaining visibility as a behind-the-scenes Online Business Manager is a key step in attracting your ideal clients.  You need to get comfortable and consistent putting yourself out there- I’m talking about podcast guest spots, live events and your own social media presence…

& this workshop will teach you how!

OBM School Mentor & Instructor Julie Calcote is a self proclaimed introverted OBM (yes, we can all relate) and she has been leveraging visibility to attract her perfect clients. In this workshop she'll be showing you exactly what methods and strategies work for best OBMs and in ways that won’t make you want to curl up in your pajamas and hide under your desk. 

She’ll be sharing her exact methods, swipe files and tips to create results that make showing up and being visible effortless. 


This workshop includes: 
4 X Weeks of Video Lessons, Swipe and Templates
These video lessons are broken down into multiple short, easy to follow videos and are full of practical and easy to apply techniques geared for OBMs
Themed Visibility Challenges
Each week the challenges presented will encourage you to “get out” and apply the concepts and lessons taught and put into practice the skills your discovering
Live Q&A with Sarah and Julie 
This live call will encourage you to go even deeper, answer any questions you have around the techniques and strategies presented and help you land the lesson challenges so you can put yourself out there!
How does it work?

Join us for a 4 week video workshop and a live Q&A with Julie and Sarah.  It's time to EMBRACE VISIBILITY together!!

Each week new video lessons will be released, with examples, explanations and swipe... and most importantly hands-on challenges so you can get stuck in and see how the techniques work in your OWN BUSINESS!

This workshop is for you if...
You're feeling bored or stagnant with your current visibility strategies and want to explore new techniques and strategies to ramp up your OBM client pipeline.
You love taking part in challenges that push you outside your comfort zone so you can grow as an entrepreneur and you're ready to dive in and learn from one of the best when it comes to visibility, and want to soak all the goodness available from Julie and Sarah.
You want to learn about filling your client pipeline with OBM centric visibility strategies using social media, podcast and networking techniques for your visibility so you can explore outside your current comfort zone. Or you have no idea what any of those things are, and that EXCITES you and you're ready to find out!
But I know you have some questions…
I’m just getting started as an OBM, can I take this workshop?
Will this teach me how to be an OBM?
When can I access the training? When are the live calls?
What’s the refund policy?
How long do I have access?

About Your Mentor

Julie is an OBM and Creative Business Strategist from Alaska, USA. After working in the legal sector for almost a decade, Julie took the plunge and into the OBM world 2019. Now, she runs an Online Business Management agency, and her happy place is partnering with 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs who have big ideas, but who need the support and systems of an OBM to simplify and shine. Julie is also the host of the popular podcast The Dreamer's Manual and an OBM Mentor inside OBM School.
Are you ready to kick your VISIBILITY into high gear??
Whether you're a total OBM beginner - or you're looking to use your visibility skills to scale…

Jump in quick as this fantastic offer is ending soon... we'll be kicking off the workshop on the 17th of October!
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