OBM SCHOOL - Starter Kit Thank You
We've also sent a copy to your inbox so that you can always access the link. Please allow up to 15 minutes for it to arrive.
In the meantime, here are two more ways I can help you get your OBM business off the ground:
1. OBM School is open for enrollment! Our comprehensive training approach supports individuals at all levels of online experience - AND we have an option for certification! Learn more about the OBM School now.
2. Join my free Facebook group, the Confident OBM® Community, an exclusive group of over 10,000 OBMs and service support professionals. It’s where we support one another, share business advice, and root for one other’s success!
Email didn't arrive? Be sure to check your spam folder. You can contact us at support@obmschool.com if you need additional assistance.
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