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In this free Information Session, you'll discover: 
Why now is best the time to start working online (and how you can get started quickly as an Online Business Manager)
How to make the transition to OBM with ease if you're already providing done for you services to clients
Case studies from students who’ve used our advanced methods to successfully land clients faster than they thought possible
How the OBM School verified online credentials can give you maximum visibility and recognition in the online space
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This Info Session is perfect for you if you’re:
Looking to quickly get ahead in one of the fastest growing industries with the help of a proven step-by-step process and verified credentials.
An existing online service professional who wants to leverage Online Business Management as a service to gain a competitive edge.
Working a corporate 9-5, but ready to ditch the traditional way of working to discover a new sense of freedom and flexibility.
OBM School is an online training academy that teaches you how to start & scale a thriving business as an Online Business Manager, with an option for certification and credentials. Our mission is to support you in gaining the expertise and confidence needed to hone in on your passion, and carve out a career you love in the online world.

We’ve leveraged over a decade of industry experience to bring you the most advanced Online Business Management training programs that will help ensure your long-term success in the fast-evolving digital space.

The OBM School training approach walks you through every aspect of launching a business, so that you can develop the critical skills and advanced knowledge needed to stand out from the competition, and successfully lead clients to the next level. 

Meet Your Host & OBM School Founder
About Sarah Noked

Sarah Noked is the founder of OBM School, and CEO of Sarah Noked OBM. Over the last decade she has grown from a VA solopreneur to an Online Business Manager and trainer.

Named by Yahoo as one of the world’s top 10 Online Business Managers to watch in 2021, Sarah is a leading authority and educator in the online space. She’s trained hundreds of students worldwide to grow sustainable and profitable businesses that run on streamlined systems and teams.

Sarah is committed to arming each one of her students with the tools to turn their natural talents into a meaningful business. The OBM School Certification program is currently the only way to get access to Sarah's in-demand, Hot Seat Coaching and intensive OBM Skills Breakout Sessions. 

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