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I wasn’t sure exactly what the next step in my career would be, it ended up being OBM School and I LOVE it! 

The more clients that you work with the more they are going to need certain skills. Keep an open mind, because if you’re willing to step up to the plate and fulfill the demands of the business you’re opening up so many possibilities.



I landed two clients, and it looks like I won’t be taking on any more new client work over the next 3 months! Yesterday this was only a dream, and I was thinking “Could this be possible for me too?”. I discounted myself because of my location, but I’m so grateful for all of Sarah’s coaching and mindset work.



I used to work 70 hours a week in my corporate job, and my life was so complicated. I got started as a VA, but quickly realized that I was doing the work of an OBM.

I came across Sarah’s training and felt a huge pull, but I thought I would be crazy to add more to my overflowing plate. But I jumped right in, and ended up replacing my former corporate salary in just 4 months, working only 20hrs/week. I encourage you to move forward and experience Sarah’s amazing leadership, coaching, and community!



As a VA, I often found myself having these thoughts and ideas about how my clients could enhance their overall business strategies, streamline operations, and achieve growth. However, I realized that the traditional VA role didn’t fully align with these aspirations. Then, I stumbled upon the term “Online Business Manager” and suddenly everything fell into place.

Within just three months of enrolling in the OBM School Accreditation program, I began converting my business to an agency style business, hired a Virtual Assistant, and hired a Social Media Manager for my business and for my clients!



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