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OBM School is an online training academy with a mission to support you in gaining the expertise and confidence needed to hone in on your passion, and carve out a career you love in the online world.

We’ve leveraged over a decade of industry experience to bring you the most advanced Online Business Management training programs that will help ensure your long-term success in the fast-evolving digital space.

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We’ve leveraged over a decade of experience to bring you the most comprehensive Online Business Management training programs.

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Discover what the role of an Online Business Manager is, and the tools, tips, and tech that will bring your OBM business to life!


Systems hold the key to feeling confident, clear and in control of your business. Start streamlining today with my free SOP Starter Kit.


Join the Confident OBM® Community, an exclusive group of 10,000++ entrepreneurs and service support professionals.


Check out Sarah’s blog, where she shares her top tips for starting, growing and managing your online business.

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Our OBM School Founder, Sarah Noked, shares her tips, tricks and her hard earned lessons of navigating the online space.

Tech Stack

Here’s our round up of the essential tech tools every OBM needs for running a tight ship.

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Get inspired by individuals who turned their dreams into reality with OBM School.

I now have the freedom of being my own boss, working with the clients that I want to work with, helping clients get back to a healthy work-life balance, and I have the freedom and flexibility to spend more quality time being a mom to my 16 mo old baby girl and creating memories with her.



I have experienced terrible clients (or as Sarah calls them NIGHTMARE CLIENTS) because I did not take the time to thoroughly vet them and their business. I have learned from Sarah’s OBM School programs that the boundaries I set, in the beginning, will save me in the end. I am building the business of my dreams and I deserve I get to choose who I work with. CHEERS to being the BOSS!



I knew I had amazing skills and had always served in a leadership role – but they were segmented and directed in specific areas. In OBM School I learned how to structure them into offerings and how to methodically and systematically build from nothing to something.



I wasn’t sure exactly what the next step in my career would be, it ended up being OBM School and I LOVE it! 

The more clients that you work with the more they are going to need certain skills. Keep an open mind, because if you’re willing to step up to the plate and fulfill the demands of the business you’re opening up so many possibilities.



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About The Team


Founder and CEO of Sarah Noked OBM and the online training academy, OBM School, Sarah equips service professionals and entrepreneurs with the tools to leverage systems and automation to build thriving and profitable online businesses. Her own journey as an online entrepreneur over the last decade plus as an OBM and trainer has enabled Sarah to effectively teach the necessary skills to find solid clients, discover and utilize transferable skills, and grow the confidence that will empower you to live life by your own design.

OBM School Directory of Accredited OBMS


Looking to hire an OBM? You’re in the right place! Each of the Accredited OBMs listed on our directory have undergone months of extensive training to achieve OBM Accreditation status.

Our Programs


The OBM Accelerator is designed to provide you with everything need to build your OBM business on solid foundations, land dream clients and scale to consistent 5-figure months without the overwhelm.


Leverage advanced operational business management skills that 6 to 7-figure business owners want in their business so you can ATTRACT, LEAD and RETAIN long-term dream clients, elegantly scale your business and make an impact with your unique talents.


Imagine having an Accredited Online Business Manager who not only understands your business but also knows how to drive it forward with precision. Our matchmaking service is designed to do just that.


Your team is your backbone, and we’re here to ensure they’re well-equipped for success. Our “Train my Manager” service is all about transforming your team into powerhouses of efficiency and strategy.

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